Semaphore Machine

The Three Graces

Floating Sculpture

Commissioned for the first Brighton Arts Festival in 1967 by Stephen Bann, this sculpture was designed to float on a raft at sea and from a distance appeared to be unsupported and dancing on the waves. It was destroyed in a storm after 10 days


“...I knew I was taking a risk but they asked me to do it, hadn’t really bargained for the impact the loss would cause - upsetting-

Brighton populous thought it was great fun all the little boats went out and used it as a marker”


Ken Cox interview with Elisabeth Glazebrook 1968


"Dear Ken,

The towers are very fine, & I looked at them over the weekend, people were taking trips around them in yachts & speedboats. Many congratulations on the achievement! I believe BBC are hiring a helicopter to film them.."


Stephen Bann, Brighton Arts Festival


Shadow Box

This piece was recreated in 1984 by Nanette Godfrey for the Nailsworth Arts Festival commissioned by Tomas A Clark

1966 -1968