We were very pleased to announce the first show of Ken's work in London for nearly 50 years. This was a fantastic opportunity to see some of his unique kinetic sculptures in motion. This exhibition was curated by the concrete poetry specialist William Allen and CHELSEA space, with assistance from the Cox Estate.

2007 Retrospective, Wotton-Under Edge

Retrospective exhibition of Ken's drawing, painting and poetic sculptures at his home town of Wooton-Under-Edge. This was organised by his family in order to celebrate his life's work. Many of the pieces on display had not been seen by the public for over 30 years.

Exhibited:  Four seasons clock

Exhibited: Three graces: Amor, Voluptas and Pulchritudo

Exhibited:  Space time 1, Space time day,

Space time night fibre pen drawings

Exhibited:  Tree oil painting, Terracotta head of Jessica,

Cave drawing, Triple portrait oil, H.M.S. Indefatigable construction, Paddle steamer, Shadowbox, Double pendulum harmonograph, 3 name clocks: Margaret, Silvester, Astrid.

3 Balloons: Ocean, Earth, Sky, Three Graces maquette,

Space time poster, Suncycle multiple, Semaphore machine

Exhibited:  Balloons and Suncyle

Exhibited:  5 Elemental balloon poems, 3 Electric clockwords, Three graces mobile, Moondark, Suncycle, Amor and Voluptas

Exhibited:  High cumulus green elm trees poem


Exhibited: Three graces: Amor, Voluptas and Pulchritudo

Exhibited: Plus-en-plus motorised poem


Exhibited: Three graces, floating scupture: Love, Passion and Beauty

Exhibited:  Voluptas, Amor and Four seasons clock

Exhibited: 100 glowing tissue paper balloons floating across the estuary at night

Exhibited:  Tallboy and Four seasons clock


This was financed by Ken and Margaret Cox and Ken Cox was the principal organiser (together with Charles Verey, DSH, John Furnival).

Exhibited:  Four seasons clock, Amor and Harmonograph

Exhibited:  Four seasons clock, Amor, Harmonograph and Variations on O

Exhibited:  Shadow box


This was his first kinetic piece of work using letters. The work was thrown in the river by students protesting that this was not a serious art exhibition.

Exhibited:  Semaphore machine


This was the first London exhibition of Concrete Poetry.

1979 Art Beyond Poetry, Munster, Germany

1973/4 Pen as Pencil, Antwerp & Brussels

1969 Memorial Exhibition, Stroud, Gloucestershire

1969 Art and Project, Copenhagen & Amsterdam

1968 Solo Exhibition Kinetic Poems, Lisson Gallery, London

1968 Arlington Quadro, Arlington Mill, Bibury

1968 Group Show, Lisson Gallery, London

1968 Cybernetic Serendipity, ICA, London & American Tour

1968 Portrait of a Man in a Hurry (Homage to Guillome Apollinaire), 

         ICA, London

1967 Brighton Arts Festival, Brighton

1967 Freewheel, Nottingham & Cambridge

1967 Signed Space, Trieste, Italy

1967 International Festival of Concrete Poetry, Falmouth

1967 Posters on the Wall, Modena, Italy

1967 Scrambled Ego, Folkestone & Canterbury

1966 Arlington One (International Exhibition of Spacial Poetry

         and Sound Poetry), Arlington Mill, Bibury

1966 The Golden Mile, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

1966 Intermedia, Subscription Rooms, Stroud

1965 Oxpo, St Catherine’s College

1965 Between Painting and Poetry, ICA, London

1986 Biennale Internationale De Poésie, Liège & Bruges Belgium 


2008 Typographic Works, Stroud

Exhibited: Variations on O, Balloons, Margaret clock, Four seasons clock, Shadow box, Three graces, Semaphore machine, Plus-en-plus, Suncycle